Ceramika Artystyczna
Polish pottery from Boleslawiec

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5" Soap Dish
H5850G (A97-163X)
$16.95 $13.56
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14" Bowl
H6118H (157-15X)
$149.95 $119.96
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2" Mini Jug
H7389K (315-119)
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6" Tissue Box Cover
H2101J (929-U3753)
$163.95 $131.16
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12" Batter Bowl
H5301G (714-377OX)
$94.95 $75.96
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5" Tea Bag or Lemon Plate
H2190J (766-U3638)
$14.95 $11.96
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New Arrivals

2" Mini Vase
H4367G (304-377O)
$10.95 $8.76
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12" Olive Dish
H4041I (924-377O)
$31.95 $25.56
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5" Spoon Rest
H1603K (381-2346X)
$17.95 $14.36
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9" Butter Dish
H4015K (A65-U4830)
$158.95 $127.16
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8 oz Bubble Mug
H6182K (005-U4915)
$35.95 $28.76
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6" Bowl with Handles
H3515K (845-1935)
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Ceramika Artystyczna is maker of the finest handmade Polish pottery pieces. The most beautiful pieces are called UNIKAT, these are handpainted with brush by skilled artisans. No two pieces of Polish pottery are the same, even the same pattern will carry slight variations which makes it very unique and collectable item. All stoneware is handcrafted in Boleslawiec Poland, contain no calcium or lead. Beside being beautiful it is also intended for every day use. It is save to use with food in oven, microwave and freezer. It is crack resistant and hight quality glaze makes it easy to clean. Beautiful and colorful designs will never fade and can bring joy and beauty to everyday life for generations.

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