Ceramika Artystyczna
Polish pottery from Boleslawiec

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About Polish Pottery

Made in Boleslawiec, Poland, the unique clay that forms the basis for Polish pottery was first used in the 14th century, when guilds were formed in the Silesia region to mine the clay from the Bobr and Kwisa river basins. Artisans have used this clay for ceramic dishes ever since, refining their product over several centuries. Now, it is this exquisite, high-quality, hand decorated stoneware that Boleslawiec is famous for around the world. Polish pottery is both beautiful and functional. It is microwave,freezer, dishwasher and oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and is not as fragile or delicate as other ceramics. Decorated pieces are glazed and fired in a 2280 degree Fahrenheit kiln, hardening into a solid stone, making these pieces sturdy, chip and crack reistant, and just like a stone, allowing for heat or cold retention so your food stays at its optimal serving temperature longer. These ceramics are safe and approved to use with food, are lead and cadmium free, and are easy to clean because of their hard, lustrous and scratch resistant glaze. The vibrant colors sealed under the lusterous glaze will never fade preserving the beauty for generations. Collectors around the world love Polish stoneware for its unique, pattern-filled decoration. While there are many design styles, from more plain patterns to modern, traditional, or themed patterns, there is a fit for every home. Patterns are made using hand-cut sponges repeated in the round on plates, bowls, mugs, etc. All the decoration is painstakingly painted by hand, either using sponges or, in the case of many Unikat (unique) pieces, brushes. Designs can be geometric or more free-form, often inspired by the love of nature, traditions and family. When you buy a piece of Polish pottery, you are acquiring something both beautiful and functional. New shapes are being created all the time, from serving plates, bowls, mugs, bakers, and platters, to other pieces for the home, like switchplates, sinks, tiles, clocks, and vases. Not only are you getting a piece of beautiful artwork, but you can also order the same exact pattern on 8 plates for your dinner table, all certified to be Quality 1. The beauty of this premium quality European stoneware lies not only in its design, but also its functionality.

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